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Here are some of the emails we've recieved and our responses.
-----Original Message----- 
From: "Steve A" 
Date: Sat Aug 31 09:57:28 PDT 2002 
Subject: where will MY money go? 

>Bob and Ben... 
>If I were to send you two money, could I request how 
>you spend it? I would normally give my money to some 
>place like the Salvation Army, but I don't want to buy 
>someone an old coat (especially when they'd rather 
>have liquor). So could I send you ten bucks for a 
>couple packs of smokes, a couple slippery nipple 
>shots, a copy of Hustler (it sounds like you could use 
>any of them)? If you have a better idea as to how to 
>spend my money...let me know. I'm open to 

Sounds good to me. Go for it. And if your feeling especially generous,
keep in mind that i have a dream. A dream to smoke an entire carton of
cigarettes at one time. Thats 200 cigarettes. All lit up at the same
time. It would be beautiful to behold. 



-----Original Message----- 
From: "Nicole R"
Date: Wed Sep 04 09:24:33 PDT 2002 
Subject: Karyn is a twit. 

>Bob & Ben, 
>You want a way to waste money? 3 words. Chuck. E. Cheese. Just
>don't go near the balls. I've heard bad things. 

We'll keep your suggestion in mind. As for the balls,
we know people. We've heard things too. 


-----Original Message----- 
From: "aria weeraratne" 
Date: Sun Sep 08 03:20:21 PDT 2002 
Subject: null 

>I think your site is pretty funny... but then again so are deep intense people
>who think life is all about Prada shoes... 
>However, I take offense at the display of the canine's picture insinuated as
>being Karyn. Animals stick to the basic necessities of life. They have a much
>harder deal in life than human beings.. and the pic. has a negative
>connotation and irelevant.

Yes, the pic of Karyn does force a negative connotation towards Sheeba. Sheeba
deserves better company. But you have to admit, they share an uncanny resemblance
to one another.


Oops.  That's not email.  Now is it?


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Today we will post no email.  We are too excited to do that at the moment.
You see, we have beaten Karyn at her own game.  We now have a movie...
before her.

While Ben was on vacation last week, I went to New York and met up
with a gal named Charlie from the UK.  You may remember her email...
It was a Karyn hunt.  It involved superglue.  Nuff said.

Turn on your speakers and enjoy,


P.S. This will repeat over and over in your browser.  We will take care of that over the

-----Original Message----- 
From: "Ms. Ima Clown" 
Date: Tue Sep 03 16:24:18 PDT 2002 
Subject: That leech Karyn. 

>Hey boys-- 
>I wrote to Karyn and offered her FIFTY DOLLARS, 
>provided she volunteered for ONE DAY in a soup 
>Not only did I not get a response from Karyn, but in 
>her 8/5/2 weekly update she vaguely alluded to all the 
>"mean people" who wrote to tell her that there 
>were other, more suffering people than herself who 
>were more deserving. 
>Lesson: Not only does Karyn strive to skirt 
>responsibility and utterly lack any sort of social 
>consciousness, she's pretty damn lazy as well. For 
>example, in her 8/15/2 weekly update, she demonstrated 
>that she was returning the "kindness" shown to 
>her by giving some guy two stamps. Note to Karyn: 
>$.74 in stamps does not equal $20,000 of credit card 
>I'm still working on the whole book/movie-rights deal. 
>I mean, what could be a more boring story? Let me 
>ACT I: Karyn charging Prada shoes and shopping in 
>trendy SoHo boutiques. Watch me shop! Woo hoo! 
>ACT II: The credit card bills start to come in. Karyn 
>starts to cry. Hilarity ensues. 
>ACT III: Karyn sets up her web site (this is 
>action-packed part...coding!). 
>ACT IV: Thousands of people log on to and 
> (cue dramatic music). 
>ACT V: Karyn becomes the female Kato Katlin. 
>And what's up with this self-described 
>"hottie" thing? She's more like Linda Tripp 
>than Amber Lynn. Although maybe I would describe her 
>hair cut as "cute." 

Yeah, 50 bucks for for the soup kitchen seems pretty reasonable. Guess that
qualifies you as a "mean" person. Not. 

As for the movie, Kato Kaelin sounds about right. 

Oh, and since we'll probably never get our own book or movie deal, I've started
making our own Flash movie. Ben's not in it though, because I overheard him call
the Princess "kinda cute", and also because he was on vacation when I started
production. Tentative release date is Friday, September 6, 2002. 


-----Original Message----- 
From: "Emily H"
Date: Fri Aug 30 13:02:30 PDT 2002 
Subject: So, what do you look like? 

>Hi, Bob and Ben, 
>Boy am I glad I got referred to your site. I saw Karyn's first, and I NEARLY
>But I found your site in the NICK OF TIME, and returned to my senses. THANK
>GOODNESS FOR THE TWO OF YOU!!! I ought to send you a buck out of gratitude. 
>Are you ever going to put a picture of yourselves on your site? A digitally
>altered one to protect your identity? One with a black bar over the eyes,
>perhaps? Or at least one of the backs of your heads? I would SO like to see
>the geniuses behind this inspirational site. I'm sure others would, too. 
>Here are my ideas for wasting some money: Candy (especially bubble gum), comic
>books, magazines, designer toilet paper, costumes for animals, and just about
>anything on Martha Stewart's website. (Well, actually it's just that the stuff
>on Martha's website is overpriced.) 
>And if you live in New York, you can spend $7.00 and up on a pack of cigarettes!
>That's a REAL waste of money, especially If you don't smoke! If you DO smoke,
>you could light and smoke a whole pack of cigarettes at once like Dan Akroyd's
>Conehead character did in the sketches on Saturday Night Live back in the seventies. 
>But even if I never lay eyes on a photographic image of you, I do want to thank
>you again for helping me get my priorities straight. 
>Happy Wasting! 

Hi Emily, 

Glad we could be there for you.

In regards to the picture request, we now have Ben's picture online at
our About Us EBay Page. 

We'll see what we can do with your money wasting ideas. 



-----Original Message----- 
From: "Jack C." 
To: "Don't Save Karyn" 
Date: Wed Aug 28 10:21:55 PDT 2002 
Subject: Re: Karyn 

>Karyn has hired laywers and is in talks for a book deal and an indie-movie
>deal. Maybe you guys can follow suit? If you guys do end up getting a movie
>deal, can I have a cameo? I can be Drunk Guy #2 or something. 
>On a side note, Karyn has been asking me to send her a picture of myself.
>Can't think of anything creative to send. Any suggestions? 

If we get our own movie, count on it having an ending similar to Blazing
Saddles. Lots and lots of extras. 

When end credits roll, the camera will be looking down over a Manhattan street.
On the street will be about 10,000 Karyn-haters. These extras will be bent
over, mooning the camera, and grouped in such a way that they spell
out "Karyn Is An Ass". 

As for your picture to her, may i suggest a picture of some question marks?
Who knows, maybe you can even get into a heated debate with her: 
Jack: ???? 
Jack: ?? ????? ????? 
Karyn: !!! 
Jack: ??? 
Karyn:!!!!!!!!!! !!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


-----Original Message----- 
From: "Vivek T."
Date: Sat Aug 24 06:36:45 PDT 2002 
Subject: Back off karyn 

>Hi guys. 
>First off, let me say I am as disgusted by your website as I was pleased by 
>looking at karyn(and I was quite pleased). You guys need to get a life, and 
>perhaps you guys missed the point that karyn has reformed herself. 
>I was also not in the least bit surprised to see a lot of the anti-karyn 
>emails coming from "Not-so-great" Britain. Why dont you brits first improve on 
>that little rock of yours in the Atlantic. Are you jealous that one of your 
>girls didnt have the brains to get herself out of a mess like karyn is doing?? 
>As for you, bob and ben, do some real work and dont be jealous. Green is just 
>not your color. 

Dear wanker,

Your informative, unbiased words have inspired us to change our ways.  We now
want to contribute to Princess Karyn, but we need your help.  We never see
her face on her site, only her hair and forehead.  After scouring yearbook
after yearbook from the late eighties through early nineties, we narrowed the
list of candidates down to two.  Which one of the below is the real Karyn?

Guess I'm just to lazy to click the images... Bob [ed: Please don't send us her phone number or address. We will not post it. This is as far as we go.] -----Original Message----- From: "lostbyte****" To: Cc: INVALID_ADDRESS@.SYNTAX_ERROR Date: Sun Aug 25 22:21:25 PDT 2002 Subject: U suck >Like the subject states: u suck both breasts. Bob -----Original Message----- From: tennv**** To: Date: Thu Aug 22 20:32:02 PDT 2002 Subject: Question for seller -- Item #952888343 >Hi, Can you tell me the width of these shoes. Are they 11.5 D? They are >just marked 11.5 on the auction page. >Thanks, Joseph O >-------------------- > >Question from: tennv**** >Title of item: MENS, BLACK, FLORSHEIM COMFORTEQUE SHOES 11.5 >Seller: dontsavekaryn >Starts: Aug-19-02 22:00:15 PDT >Ends: Aug-26-02 22:00:15 PDT >Price: Currently $5.50 >To view the item, go to: The Crude Shoes They are 11.5 D. Bob -----Original Message----- From: "S, Brian" To: "''" Date: Fri Aug 23 07:27:36 PDT 2002 Subject: spending ideas.. >I think you should invest money in a box of roaches to send to Karyn...she >states right on her website that "I'm not sure if you picked this up from >this website or anything... but I'm not the type of girl who is used to >roaches and mice" >What better way to waste money then sending her some roaches!!! > >Or perhaps some cold cuts...with the heat we've been experiencing lately, >I'm sure they would be in a great state once she receives them, no? > >If you want anymore suggestions, let me know...but I really think you guys >should do the roach thing...or perhaps a package full of crickets. > >Brian We'd like to do this. We think she would gather up enough courage to box them back up. Then she would put them up for auction on eBay. Keep visiting, we'll keep updating, Bob -----Original Message----- From: Jordi*** To: Date: Wed Aug 21 11:32:14 PDT 2002 Subject: stop messing with my sister's plan please, its really serious. >yall are gay... bob and ben.. haha... stop screwing with my sister. i know >its a far outshot... but shes doing all she can to get some money.. she >doesnt have it, so show some mercy. thanks >Jordan Sorree, but our fence-gates jewst don't swings that a-ways. An whys caint we ahhl justs gets alongs. I means, we's just prakticly a pigs toss and a hollers away from each othur in the age of deh Inturnet... Yee-haw and floor it, Bob [ed: Bob's last bit makes Slightly more sense if you have seen the following: The Hazzard County Driver's Test] -----Original Message----- From: "Jack C" To: Date: Thu Aug 22 07:57:49 PDT 2002 Subject: Karyn's Photo!!!!! >Hey Guys. > >The Smoking Gun has revealed what the (ahem) lady behind > really looks like: > >The Smoking Gun > >I'm disappointed. She had told us that she was a hottie. Oh well. Maybe if we >check her cat's litter box, we'll find something more attractive. Hi Jack, I usually check the site out on a daily basis. Haven't in the last week or so. Thank you pointing this out. We appreciate it. And yeah, not quite the hottie she was making herself out to be, is she? Bob P.S. I caught Ben saying she was 'kinda cute'. You may not be hearing much from Ben in a while... -----Original Message----- From: "karyn urasucker" To: Date: Thu Aug 22 11:29:05 PDT 2002 Subject: fuck you guys >Fuck you guys. > >I need all the money I! can get from these PT! Barnum suckers. > >With all the mony they've sent me I've hird a! lawyer whose gonna shove his >foot so far up your buttfucking! assholes that you'll wish you'd just paid >me the hole 20 grand your-fucking-selves. > >Fuck you. > >karyn Karyn, We are really scared... ...of the 3 pounds of makeup that you had on for your Today Show interview. Take care, Ben -----Original Message----- From: "Jenny W." To: Date: Fri Aug 16 18:39:59 PDT 2002 Subject: Lighten Up >Bob and Ben- Boys, you really need to lighten up.Sure, sending Karyn and/or you >money is a complete, total, and udder waste of my hard earned money but you make >it sound like Karyn is evil! It's not like she poses a threat to democracy by >asking for a little help from the general public. These people (including myself) >send her money out of their own free will but if Karyn were to, say, file for >bankruptcy, you and every other tax paying American would end up paying for her >debt, weather they like it or not! So, just lighten up and take it all in good >humor. But, I am sending you some spare change I had lying around because you >took a chance and put your opinion out there for people to embrace or critisize. > >JENNY W. Sure, sure, sure. If she files bankruptcy, we all pay for it. Odd thing though... if she did that, her credit-rating would be shit. Notice how nobody ever mentions that? Bob >-----Original Message----- >From: ******** >To: >Date: Sat Aug 17 21:27:25 PDT 2002 >Subject: I Want To Give You Guys My Money.. > >>I noticed your site and think it's funny as hell, and I noticed you guys >>recieved over 60,000 hits in a week, well hey that's dollars in the bank >>for all of us. >> >>I market a Penis enlargement site with a product that is currently converting >>at 1:100 and sometimes 1:48 EX: (for every 100 hits you average 1 sale)I make >>an average of $25.00 for each sale which would be approx. $15,000 for the >>week at 60,000 hits. >> >>Guys let's make some money... link me to your site and I'll split 50% sales >>with you guys and we'll both have shitloads of cash to burn. >> >>Site Title: SIZE DOES MATTER! >>URL: [ed: url removed] >> >>Please e-mail me with your response. >> >>Thanks, >>Philip M > >-----Original Message----- >From: "Don't Save Karyn" >To: ******** >Date: Sun Aug 18 10:57:10 PDT 2002 >Subject: Re: I Want To Give You Guys My Money.. >Philip M, > >Me and Ben are not up for this. However we are willing to sell you the >domain name to You mention making $15,000 a week. >Our studies indicate Karyn's site will continue for the next 4-6 weeks, >and our website/domainName can bank on getting the current number of >hits or more during this timeframe. > >We think purchasing our domain name would be a sound investment for you. >Each of us will offer 5 hours a week consulting in how to best advance >the site, if you wish. Total, thats 10 man-hours a week. > >We think this is a pretty good deal. Make us an offer if you wish. > >Thank you for your time, > >Bob Phillip, I forgot to mention. The consulting man hours a week (10 hours a week total) will only be provided within the timeframe that Karyn has to pay off her initial 20,000 dollars in credit card debt. Once she has received enough money to pay off her initial 20,000 dollars in credit card debt, our consulting services will expire. Thank you, Bob -----Original Message----- From: "All 'Shuk Up" To: Date: Mon Aug 12 18:02:03 PDT 2002 Subject: Karyn, how I weep for thee... >Beautifully done. Fucking beautiful;) > >Your work has provided me with a most needed distraction >from a shitty day dealing with self-absorbed twits. >Speaking of narcissists... > >Poor lass, that Karyn. Having the self-restraint of a >developmentally-delayed simian must lead to all sorts of >pickles. Adding insult to injury, you have the temerity to >make sport of her shortcomings. What if she sees your Web >site and then goes and feels all bad? Just who will be >responsible to help Karyn pick up the pieces? WHO? CAN'T >YOU SEE THAT SHE BELIEVES IN HONESTY AND JUST NEEDS LOVE? > >BTW, I'd send you some cash, but since it would be in >Canadian funds, it's really not worth it... Thanks for your email. Yes.... All she needs is love.... And your wallet. As for Canadian funds, we will set up a P.O. Box in the next couple of days. Send some. Together, we can burn every type of currency in existence. Bob -----Original Message----- From: "Michelle C" To: Date: Thu Aug 15 15:10:03 PDT 2002 Subject: Payment for the laughs >I just sent you some buckage. Do with it what you will. I think next >I'll send Karyn a dead gopher. > >Cheers! Michelle, Maybe you could also send a note that says "Unlike this gopher, my admiration for you will never die, Karyn." OK I actually stole that line from a Dilbert comic. :) Ben -----Original Message----- From: Poohber** To: Date: Tue Aug 13 19:07:14 PDT 2002 Subject: (no subject) >I AM 12 YEAR OLD AND I DO NOT THINK THATS RIGHT WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO THE >POOR KARYN GIRL. SHE IS NICE. SHE CANOT HELP WHAT SHE DID. SOMETIMES THINGS >HAPPEN. WILL YOU TOO PLEASE STOP MAKING FUN OF HER BEFORE I COME UP OR DOWN >THERE AND BEAT YOURE MOTHER WITH A STEEL POLE AND LAUGH WHILE SHE IS BEATEN. >I WOULD LIKE TO PUT HER INTO A PENCIL SHARPENER AND MAKE HER ACTUALLY LIKE >IT. BECAUSE I CAN. MAY SHE CONTINUE TO GIVE ME HEAD UNTIL THE END OF >TIME..THAT WULD BEE JUSTE WUNDERFULL Hello Poohber, There are many other sexual positions. We at believe variety is a good thing. We thought surely you would have seen the following page: The Kama Sutra of Pooh In case you haven't, or don't remember your activities, please check it out. Enjoy, Bob -----Original Message----- From: "Gary C" To: Date: Tue Aug 13 15:06:19 PDT 2002 Subject: hmm >guys, rather than send karyn money, i was thinking we should all send her >something else in the mail. what do you think that should be? note: it >should be revolting, disturbing, or perhaps non sequitur, but legal. > >best, > >gary Hi Gary, How much would it cost to package and ship a social conscience? I'm sure Karyn would find that most revolting... Bob -----Original Message----- From: "Power****" To: Date: Fri Aug 16 06:11:35 PDT 2002 Subject: We Just heard............................There Is Hell On Earth >Hey, >Just thought you'd like to know that it's Aug. 16th and we're watching Good >Morning America and they are doing a story on Karyn. They say she might be >getting a movie and/or a book deal out of there no >justice in this world.............. How bout this for injustice: Karyn will probably get the book deal only after paying off her 20,000 dollar debt... with other peoples money. Then she signs a book deal. Catching on here yet? She will be free of debt AND receive a big wad of dough AFTER other people pay off her debt. Am i the only one who thinks the book/movie companies ought to sign her right now? Let her pay off her debt with the money she receives from the book/movie publishers. Then she would no longer need to bilk Internet users to pay it off. It won't happen. The book/movie publishers need the publicity. They won't sign her until her site begins to wane or she completes her mission. Oh well. Hope her contributors know they're not only helping rid her of debt, but also helping her get shitloads of money from some media company. That's my rant. My name is Bob. -----Original Message----- From: "Bert P" To: "''" Date: Mon Aug 12 05:09:56 PDT 2002 Subject: $@$ >Hi, Bob & Ben > >OK. You won. It took me holy ages to decide where to leave my money when I >am dead. >But now I know and you saved my sacred soul. >All the Vatican money & accounts worldwide will be yours within the next few >months. (to be honest with you I'm dead already but no-one seems to listen >to me.) > >Keep the good stuff going, > >holy regards, >Pope John >Vatican Italy Pope John, We do not want your filthy money. We will have nothing to do with you. We think you should instead invest your money in Bob P.S. Sorry to hear about you passing away. Please rot in Hell. [ed: Somewhere a mother weeps...] -----Original Message----- From: "Celia F" To: Date: Fri Aug 16 06:18:00 PDT 2002 Subject: Today Show >Hey Bob and Ben, > >I think your web site is great. The first time I heard of Karyn was on the >10 o'clock news on channel 7 and I was outraged. Basically, if you don't >have it, don't spent it and if you get into debt ---- get yourself out of >it just like you got yourself in it, accept your responisbilities! > >Well, today I was even more shocked to see her live on the Today Show >giggling away next to Matt Lauer. Ppl have sent her $5,000. What is wrong >with these ppl?!!! > >PPl have sent her care kits, food, money, hair products.....Tons of stuff >for nothing. I can't believe ppl are that stupid.... > >Anway, keep up the good work of bashing karyn.......she deserves it. Thank you. We'll keep it up. Hope you keep visiting. We have some ideas... Bob -----Original Message----- From: Diovine To: Date: Thu Aug 15 21:33:01 PDT 2002 Subject: Jealous >You only wish you thought of Karyn's idea first! Sore losers. Both of you. I guess by that logic, Mel Brooks must be jealous that he didn't think of Star Wars first (see: 'Spaceballs'), and Charlie Chaplain must be jealous that he didn't think of starting a World War and taking over Europe first (see: 'The Great Dictator'). I could go on, by I think I've made my point... Ben -----Original Message----- From: "Aiyanna N" To: Date: Mon Aug 12 13:13:51 PDT 2002 Subject: You gueesed it... >Saw "Cyberbeggar gets help paying off $20,000 debt" in my local paper. Now, if I >had money for you to waste I'd give it. But, I'm in debt too, and I'm trying >to get out of school. Think anyone would give me money? (of couse not). More >power to you guys. Think about running for president! Hi, In regards to president thing... I'm game for this, as long as Maureen Dowd picks on us in her columns. What would be our campaign slogan though? Bob -----Original Message----- From: "David D" To: Date: Thu Aug 15 15:01:24 PDT 2002 Subject: null >Hey guys, love the web site. I have a quick question. > You say the difference between you and Karyn is that >you promise to spend the money on incredibly stupid >shit. Isn't that the same as what Karyn is doing, >albeit after the fact? I'm fairly sure that she >didn't spend 20k on incredibly intelligent shit. The >only difference then is that you make no false >pretenses and that you are able to get ~13.9% more >more stupid shit with peoples money. By that logic >giving money to you guys is far superior. Well, good >luck leeching my friends. > Hi David, You are 99% per-cent on the mark in regards to our site, and our purpose. We fear you may have missed the other 1%, though. While we do waste other's money after the fact, we have a slightly larger purpose. You see, we want visitors to to know what "saving" Karyn really entails. To do so we are required to blow any money we receive on useless stuff. We make no money, we simply blow it on frivolous expenditures. Karyn has already done this. We on-the-other-hand do so only after we receieve the funds to do so. Ergo your after-the-fact statement. The big picture though is this: We will let the entire world see how we blow other's (and i can never emphasize enough) hard-earned money. Thusly showing the world how Karyn got herself 20 G's into debt, in the first place. And thusly showing everyone who donated to her "cause" (cough, cough), where their money went. Bob -----Original Message----- From: "Jello" To: Date: Thu Aug 15 02:17:31 PDT 2002 Subject: Long live the Great Proletariat Revolution! >In today's world, money is a sign that somebody is >being robbed. It is an expression of a social >relation--a relation between people, or groups of >people--in which there are exploiters and exploited, >oppressors and oppressed.... > >All this is why we communists are not motivated by the >drive for more and more money. Worshiping money is >like worshiping the image of the very system that >exploits and oppresses our people, the proletarians. >Communists are the vanguard of the proletariat in >rising up to rid itself of these social relations of >modern-day capitalist slavery. > >We are not "out for No. 1"--that is the dog-eat-dog >outlook of the dogs that exploit and oppress us, and >we won't beat them by learning to bark and bite like >them! We are exploited as a class, as proletarians, >and it is by uniting as a class and putting the >interests of our class above our own selfish >interests--it is only in this way that we can >overthrow this system and move on to make a much >better world. Dear Jello, We here at believe communism has seen its day. It may take a little while to completely die out, but it will. Though if The Kool-Aid Man is ever present at a U.N. meeting and proceeds to take a shoe off, banging it against a table, shouting "We will bury you!", we may then be inclined to reverse our opinion. Have a nice day, Bob -----Original Message----- From: "Juniper T" To: Date: Mon Aug 12 17:02:38 PDT 2002 Subject: money >I sent you three dollars. I think it would be fun to change it all >into quarters and then go to Kmart/Wal-Mart and have a shopping spree >at the quarter toy machines at the entrance. Fake rings, slime, huge >gumballs, key rings. All sorts of fun junk. > >Have fun. Love the site. > >***************** >Juniper Hi Juniper, The Kmart thing can be done. Benny is kinda disappointed though. He wanted to ride the horse... Thanks for your contribution, Bob -----Original Message----- From: "Steve C" To: "''" Date: Sat Aug 10 02:54:49 PDT 2002 Subject: God Bless America >Hello Bob & Ben > >In case you're not already aware, I thought you might like to know that you >have made the newspapers here in the UK - that's how I found out about your >honourable site. Unfortunately, of course, you are sharing the billing with >the lovely Karyn... > >Us Brits are brought up to think all Americans are totally crazy and Karyn >is yet another ambassador for the British view of the American way of life. >I am sure she truly believes she is a "victim" and deserves help and I'm >glad to see there are at least two of you over there prepared to spend the >time and effort saying "Fuck you, Karyn"... > >I truly hope you end up making more money than her, but I'm afraid I'm too >tight to send money myself... > >Anyway, you can lie about how much money you've received just to piss her >off... > >Perhaps George W. should send Karyn an unlimited credit card, a plane ticket >to Iraq and a doctored Arabic phrase book so she thinks "Anthrax" is >"Gucci", "Nuclear" is "Prada", etc. That way she can buy up all the weapons >and he won't have to go in there and blow the country to bits... > >Keep up the good work > >Steve Glad you get our message. As for lying about the amount of money received we could never do that. Though we could hire accountants to do that for us... We like your answer to the Iraq issues. We think you may be onto something there. But we will never let George W. in on this brilliant plan until you contribute to our cause. Please give us your money. Please... The state of a stable Middle East depends on it. Bob -----Original Message----- From: "Benita C" To: Date: Sun Aug 11 20:20:06 PDT 2002 Subject: (no subject) >Bob and Ben---- > >I can't afford to send you money to waste, because unlike Karyn I am >paying my own bills, but I do want to thank you for a good laugh. > >Have fun. > >Benita Sweet. We like people who foot their own bills. When you do have money to blow, think of us if we're still around. I've heard Karyn plans to pass the torch off to some other fincially retarded person, when she is done paying off her 20G's in credit card debt. So we may still be around... Bob -----Original Message----- From: "Relatie***********" To: Date: Thu Aug 08 13:48:20 PDT 2002 Subject: Really great >Thx, >Greatings from Holland! >Your site is really great. >By the way does "the real Karyn" exist. >May be it is just another man who wants >to steal money. >At the picture you only sea her with her >head in the frids or with her head down >writting. >I think it will be a nice picture when >you put your head in the ass of a cow >for example (with some foto editing) > >And try to find out of karyn does exist. > >Greatings, >Mark de V***** >(keep on doing the good stuff) Damn. You mean we could of doctored a photo of Ben's head up a cow's ass? Ben's going to be pissed about this... Bob -----Original Message----- From: THET****** To: Date: Fri Aug 09 06:21:58 PDT 2002 Subject: karyn trap >Dear Ben and Bob, >I was just thinking why don't you set a karyn trap with all your hard >earned money? You could superglue dollars on the pavement outside every >major department store in new york and then just wait for the desparate young >lady herself to walk past and try her hardest to pull them up. Of course you >also need to buy a disposable camera to take the photos to post on the web, >and... oh go on... you can treat yourself to a starbucks too. >!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >all the best Charlie >ps. i haven't sent you any money as it is all too precious and i am busy >pissing it all away myself We here at are intrigued. In fact, very intrigued. If this entails wearing camoflauge, and the opportunity to kick Karyn in the arse while she is bent over, i'm all for it. We could make a documentary... Get the crocodile hunter guy in on this too. Yes... his services could come in quite handy. Could you arrange this for us? We'd appreciate it, and let you have the first kick too. Bob P.S. No Starbucks. Just point us to the closest establishment serving Brooklyn Brown Ale. That will be sufficient. -----Original Message----- From: "Mads P" To: Date: Mon Aug 12 03:26:34 PDT 2002 Subject: Stupid >You Americans are the most stupid people on this planet... > >What fuck is your problem... > >Are you some stupid rednecks??? > >Together, we can banish financially irresponsible losers from the Internet! > >Well would'nt that be you too???? No we are not stupid rednecks... ...but while we are on the subject of stereotypes...are you some pseudo-bohemian, black-turtleneck-and-spectacles-wearing, techno-listening, shaved-ferret-owning, nihilist, sheisser-film-watching European?? Ben -----Original Message----- From: "Anonymous" To: Date: Wed Aug 07 15:47:58 PDT 2002 Subject: proof that there is something more going on... >Results of a little bit of research that I thought you would be interested in: > >1) She is a bitch > >2) Her mailing address is 360 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn NY. > >3) A search of 360 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn NY turns up information regarding >a Mailboxes Etc. type place. That's not very surprising. > >4) Typing in "Karyn 360 Atlantic" into Google will give you firstly, a link to >, but the second result "Karyn's Transsexual Bridge" is much more >interesting. > >5) Please note the similarities in sentence structure and the incessant use of >exclamation points. > >6) Regarding this page [] note that >there is a reference to needing "CASH!!!" Thank you for your investigative prowess. We especially like that #1 has been validated officially. Bob -----Original Message----- From: "christopher.s" To: Date: Fri Aug 09 08:03:43 PDT 2002 Subject: Website >Guys, > >While dining in a fine restaurant just outside of London, UK last night, the >conversation was flowing around both yours, and that other chix Website. I >looked at both this morning, and as I speak, the URL is flying around Town >making everyone who reads it piss themselves. Several Salespeople in UK >Distribution have seen this already, and my guess is that half the working >population in the UK will have by Monday 12th August. > >Keep it going! > >Chris, Thanks for the email. Actually, last night I was interviewed via telephone on BBC Five Live's 'Up All Night' around 1:30 AM your time. They had Karyn on too. Did you happen to catch it? I had just downed a lot of cheap rum right before they called me, so I'm fairly certain I made an ass of myself... Ben -----Original Message----- From: "Taubaté V" To: Date: Thu Aug 08 10:29:07 PDT 2002 Subject: KARYN >OLÁ, > > >SOU UMA GAROTA BRASILEIRA, ESPERO QUE CONSIGAM TRADUZIR ESTA MENSAGEM. ACHEI >EXCLENTE A IDÉIA DE VOCÊS DE AO MENOS TENTAR AFASTAR ESSAS PESSOAS >IRRESPONSÁVEIS E MENTIROSAS DA NET. DOU O MAIOR APOIO! KARYN É UMA SAFADA! >SE AO MENOS FOSSE POR UMA CAUSA JUSTA TUDO OK, MAS PRA PAGAR DÍVIDAS... >É DEMAIS. QUEM IRÁ PAGAR AS MINHAS? > >A BIG KISS FOR YOU! > >ROSELI. Sweet Roseli, All i understand is: "A BIG KISS FOR YOU". That makes me happy. Please turn off the caps lock, though. Oh what the hell... xoxo, Bob -----Original Message----- From: "M, Daniel" To: "''" Date: Thu Aug 08 04:24:14 PDT 2002 Subject: Damn right! >Dear Bill et Ben, > >I would love to know what level of retard is stupid enough to give this four >rate vegetable, of a woman, money. Somehow I suspect that that this has >something to do with "Sex in the City", a programme that finds virtue in >being a vacuous tart. Therapy? What this woman needs is a good kick in the >ass! > >Best Regards >Daniel Daniel, It is amusing that people would find a show about a bunch of below-average-intelligence materialistic shallow strumpets...amusing. I think I just had an Austin Powers moment. Ben -----Original Message----- From: Jpuck**** To: Date: Fri Aug 09 01:06:19 PDT 2002 Subject: (no subject) >go smoke a turd in hell I emailed Satan. I got his address from serialkiller666 (I think i'm really falling for her). Anyways, Satan said: "No Way!". We think he's afraid we will start, or something. Always nice to be thought of though, Bob -----Original Message----- From: "Nicola R" To: Date: Thu Aug 08 13:37:33 PDT 2002 Subject: Love the site! >I think that a good way to spend the HUGE amount of cash that you are obviously >going to get through this web site by flying to London, picking me up and taking >me out on a massive bender! (For those of you who are not Londoners, this is >slang for an enormous drinking spree, you know, the kind where you wake up in a >gutter, with one shoe missing, forgetting which country you are in and how you >got there in the first place. > >I'm up for it! Just come and get me! > >Nicola Nicola, We would love to get sloshed with you. But we do not have the funds quite yet. When we do, we'll be sure to think of you. I'll even bring extra shoes. Bob -----Original Message----- From: "Ingrid Z." To: Date: Thu Aug 08 05:32:08 PDT 2002 Subject: null >The chick is doing better. So who is the loser???????????????????????? > >Milan Actually after one full week, we have taken in 26 dollars. Three times the amount Princess Karyn brought in, in her first week! Please make an L-sign with your right hand, and place it against your forehead. You lose, we win, Bob -----Original Message----- From: "Ashley M." To: Date: Thu Aug 08 18:26:42 PDT 2002 Subject: money >Hello! > >I read your web page and let me tell you it made me want you really >bad. But since i don't think you would like that better than money >i tried to give you money on that link you put on there. But i don't have a >bank account or checking account it won't let me. i have worked all summer for >the money and i would really like to blow it on something stupid. Since my >mom would yell at me for that i think it would be better for you to spend it. >So she can contact you and yell at you for it. By the way its also cause i feel >you hate of those stupid time wasting emails about helping people and stuff. >Before i go if i send you naked pictures of me will you send me some of you? > > > Hot for you, Dear Ashley, You're right. We do not like Lolitas. And we do NOT want pictures of you naked. Your mother is an entirely different story... Just remember to send us the pictures before she calls us, and yells at us. Bob -----Original Message----- From: "user identity protected" To: Date: Wed Aug 08 15:01:15 PDT 2002 Subject: Re: You guys kick ass. >I decided to vent my anger using Photoshop. It's not much, but feel free to >use this image if you want. If not, I don't care, it just felt good to make >this. > >Here is the link to the image I made; >[ed:link removed] > >Thanks again guys, keep up the good work! > >Mike
-----Original Message----- 
From: "Nick W."
Date: Thu Aug 08 14:39:07 PDT 2002 
Subject: This is an email 

>Why Is Karyn? 
>Sometimes I don't believe - but then again is it? 
>Yours sincerely. 


Why is Karyn? A good question indeed. No one knows for sure, but scientists
suspect it could be linked in some way to her father ejaculating in her mother's
vagina 20-some years ago. Remember though, it's just a theory... 


-----Original Message----- 
From: "Kate C." 
Date: Thu Aug 08 01:05:55 PDT 2002 
Subject: Nice site 

>I should do the same! Then I could buy all the crap I don't really need 
>However, you did say you wanted hate mail. I'm not 12 and I can spell, 
>but I can pretend. Here goes: 
>Dear Bob and Ben 
>U SUK!!!!!!! 
>How's that? I spose a 12 year old wouldn't have bothered with the "Dear 
>Bob and Ben" line...oh well. 
>Keep up the good work and once I find my PayPal registration details I 
>will send you some money. Cheerio 

Dear Kate, 

I bet you are a 12 year old, brainiac masquerading as a 20 year old. Ending
the email with Cheerio gave it all away. Oh well. You can still dig into your
mothers's purse can't you? She has credit cards, i bet. You know what you
have to do... 

Hope you enjoy school when it starts back up, 


-----Original Message----- 
From: "Ashley M."
Date: Thu Aug 08 18:45:14 PDT 2002 
Subject: faggs 

> I think I just wasted five minutes of my life looking 
>at your fucking bullshit of an email. At least Karyn's site 
>was helping someone. You fucking assholes should be stripped 
>down and shot for the whole world to see what cruel dickless 
>jackasses you are. As for your mother God rest her sole im sure 
>she's not happy with what you turned out to be. You are the 
> bastards that cause wars and kill innocent people. I don't think 
> you should have the pleasure of walking among us HUMANS. 
>I hope karyn finds out what you have done and shoots you as I see no 
>one would come to your fucking funeral. 
>Hope you die a painful death, 
>~ Ashley

Do i have to spell it out. No means no Lolita. You can NOT trick us into nude
photos of yourself, by degrading us. 

BTW, Karyn would come to our funerals. It would be good for her book! 

Have a nice day, 


-----Original Message----- 
From: "Suzy Sprite"
Date: Wed Aug 07 10:18:33 PDT 2002 
Subject: Cool site 

>Your site is hilarious! If I had extra money to waste 
>on strangers, I would give it to you guys in a red hot 
>minute rather than that idiotic Karyn chick. But since 
>I don't, neither of you are getting squat. 

We prefer you not mentioning the words 'squat' and 'giving' in the same sentence. 

Other than that you seem fairly cool. 

Sooo feel free to pass the url along to friends, family, colleagues, etc. It's
cheaper than money, but better than squat. 


-----Original Message----- 
From: "Derek Syples"
Date: Wed Aug 07 11:30:44 PDT 2002 
Subject: Karyn's Friends 

>Hi Bob & Ben, 
>I would send you some money if you: 
>1) Promised to spend it on cocaine. 
>2) Posted an address for those of us who don't have a credit card. 
>I already sent Karyn some cash, but then again, she lists a post office
>box. She's probably already lit up! 

A P.O. box could be in our future if enough requests are brought to our
attention. For now this ain't gonna happen. Paypal does accept personal
checking accounts though, doesn't it? 

As for the crack... We will do it under two stipulations. 
First you must personally send us enough money for both of us to make the
buy. I will not be waiting for our man on the corner of Lexington and 125,
only to have enough money for one of us. Second, you must send enough for
us to purchase the yellow variety. I have it on good personal report that
the white variety is just lame and a waste of money. Nothing but the yellow
variety will do! 

Keep the memory of burning alive in your own hash pipe, 


P.S. I bet Princess Karyn smokes the white variety. 

-----Original Message----- 
From: "Brad Reed"
Date: Thu Aug 08 10:39:15 PDT 2002 
Subject: I think it's a conspiracy 

>How do we know that "Ben" and "Bob" are even real? Isn't it just as 
>plausible that this is a clever ploy by Karyn to get the money of the 
>anti-Karyn contingent? Oh, wait: that would require Karyn to be 
>Well, how do we know Karyn's real? Maybe Ben and Bob made her up in 
>order to build up an anti-Karyn contingent from which they could siphon 
>cash. Ah, the intricacies of such a scheme are making my head spin. I 
>need to lie down. 
>Soon as I figure out how the black helicopters and the grassy knoll fit 
>into this, I'll be back. With further stunning insights. 

Or maybe we knew that you would come to that conclusion, so we really set
up Don't Save Karyn as a site to piss off the pro-Karyn people with the
intent of later starting a Don't Save Don't Save Karyn site to get Karyn
even more money from the reactionary response of the pro-Karyn people to
Don't Save Karyn. :) 


-----Original Message----- 
From: "Hannibal"
Date: Wed Aug 07 11:37:56 PDT 2002 
Subject: Movie 

>I like your website. It makes me want to meet you. I have reisntly watched
>silence of the lambs and I was wondering if you would like to act out a scene
>with me. I ask this because frankly the movie turns me on. So if you do want to,
>just email me at
>I look forward to seeing you. 

While i do enjoy Silence of the Lambs and it does in fact turn me on
too, i have to decline your offer. I made a solemn promise to myself,
to never get myself in those kind of situations again. Ok, i'm a liar.
The truth is i have already had enough serialkiller8xx and
serialkiller3xx action to satisfy me for a lifetime. I simply want
to settle down for a good serialkiller6xx. Right now, i've got my
eyes set on serialkiller666. 

Alas you shall never meet me. 

BTW, as a pointer, i suggest not being so direct in your attempts at
conquest. If you had only wrote "It makes me want to meAt you.",
vs "It makes me want to meEt you.", you probably could have had me.
Oh well. Keep your teeth up, and eventually you will meat your true
meat someday! 


-----Original Message-----
From: "Juliana"
Date: Wed Aug 07 08:15:27 PDT 2002
Subject: PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

>Dear Bob and Ben
>I know just how Caryn feels as I am in a financial situation myself.
>Not because of luxury debts , but because of other people, that lie,
>medical expense,and poor business here in South Africa.We have lost
>almost everything. I have a wonderful husband and three kids, but our
>lives are being destroyed at the moment because of money. If only I
>knew how to create a web site , believe me , I would do the same, just
>to safe my family, from the financial rune and hurt, just to buy them
>a decent months groceries.
>Maybe you can help me make a site.

Dear Juliana,

Since we took a vow not to use money for any actual good causes, we can't
really help you.  However we would suggest maybe learning HTML in order
to create your own web site, and applying for American credit cards and
running up 20 grand of debt in the meantime.


-----Original Message-----
From: "Pat Wilson"
Date: Tue Aug 06 20:42:59 PDT 2002
Subject: Dicks

>You fags are a couple of dicks with no sense of humor. Also your site has 
>lots of annoying pop up ads.  Karyn's site is much better.  Now go back to 
>jacking each other off ya queers.

Hello Pat,

Thank you for your comments.

FYI, we actually prefer to ram our cocks into each others asses.
We find that much more effective then simply jerking each other
off.  Of course none of this occurs until after a little foreplay
consisting of Pat(ting) each other's cocks.  We never stroke.  We
always Pat.
Our second favorite thing, is Pat(ting).

As for the pop-up ads.  Yes it is annoying.  They simply pop up.
There is nothing we can do about it.  We can't event Pat them.

Feel free to pass the url along to friends :)

Good day,


-----Original Message-----
From: (name not given)
Date: Wed Aug 07 13:56:26 PDT 2002
Subject: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

>you two morons are dummer then yesterdays turds ,now, what was it you
>wanted me to do to your mother ?

You are so right!  In fact, we're probably dumber than....someone who
doesn't even know how to spell 'dumber'!  Oh wait, that's you.  Our bad.


-----Original Message----- 
From: "Paul O'Dell"
Date: Wed Aug 07 15:49:21 PDT 2002 
Subject: hummmm... 

> You sure do have lots of pop-up ads on your site. Is that not payment 
> P.S. Karyn might be really cute, and giving her money might be considered 
>an investment. 


That's because we are cheap bastards. However since we're
all-of-the-sudden getting assloads of hits, it appears we are going
to be spending money anyway for extra bandwidth. 

Which is all the more reason we need you to GIVE US MONEY NOW!!! 

Take care, 

Contact Bob or Ben