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This is our page of quality links:
The Onion - The best satire on the Internet, hands down.

White Trash Republic - An entertaining site. And this guy doesn't like Karyn either. :)

Fuck You and a Half - This is Ben's friend Ryan's website. Very quality.

antiMUSIC - One of the cooler music sites on the Internet.

Wil Wheaton Dot Net - "People have been dumping on me for over 10 years, and if I took myself too seriously, I'd probably be sitting in an Urn next to River Phoenix." At this point, I knew that this was the coolest celebrity website ever. - I've talked to people who've gone to really is this bad. :)

Pornolize - Converts websites so that they appear to have been dictated by someone with Tourette's syndrom. Hummmmm.... We trust you know what to do.

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