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Grand Spending Tally...

Keep track of our ridiculous expenditures!

$20.00 TOTAL SPENDING Aug 1, 2002
- We registered this fucking domain, using our OWN money (cringe).

$20.00 past spending
+ $6.00 your money
$26.00 TOTAL SPENDING Aug 11, 2002

We want to waste your money. Here Bob flames 6 dollars up. Look at that fiver go!

$26.00 past spending
+ $6.00 your money
$32.00 TOTAL SPENDING Aug 26, 2002

Click to see our raid on the kiddie quarter machines at a local Meijers!

$32.00 past spending
+ $4.00 your money (Four dozen eggs. Seems Bob is Not handy with a camera.)
$36.00 TOTAL SPENDING Aug 29, 2002

Click to see what we did with eggs...

$36.00 past spending
+ $20.00 your money
$56.00 TOTAL SPENDING Sep 8, 2002

This movie requires Macromedia Flash Player. If nothing appears to be playing,
click the link below to snag a copy. It's free.
Macromedia Flash Player Download Site

Someone sold us their copy of the software to make the above movie for 20 bucks.
The movie centers on a Karyn hunt. It involves sugerglue. Nuff said...

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