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A Letter from Bob and Ben...
How it all began...
August 1, 2002

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for visiting our website! Our names are Bob and Ben. We're really nice, and we're asking for your help! Bottom line is that we aren't fiscally responsible, and we don't know how to live within our means! We like buying expensive stuff like ying-yang tables, big-screen TVs....and Prada shoes of course, and quite frankly, we would probably be diagnosed with some sort of compulsive spending disorder should we ever visit a psychologist! So if you have an extra buck or two, please send it our way and help us avoid taking responsiblity in our lives! Together, we can make the promise of the Internet as a form of enlightment for all of mankind into a complete joke! Did we mention that we like using exclamation marks to get our point across?!

OK, so we're not fiscally irresponsible, and we do live within our means. So what? We can still waste money like the worst of em! There's plenty of things we could be buying that we don't expensive imported beer, or lap dances from strippers, or old cars that we could buy and then trash with sledgehammers, or meat lover pizza deliveries to PETA, or billboards in our local town that say things like "My Dixie Wrecked". We've done our part in spending a couple hours on this website, now we need you to do yours! We believe that this world is a good place, and if someone needs money to waste on stupid stuff, then they should ask for it! Hell, if you're going to give anyone on the Internet money, why not us instead of Karyn? At least we're up-front about what we're going to do with it! Show the world that you'd rather waste money on something semi-cool than do a selfless deed to help someone who doesn't deserve it! Of course we don't deserve it either...but that's beside the point!

Please help us waste your money. We are nice. We are cheery. We are the people at the office who waste time making this website while you work on that proposal. We're actually HELPING OUT THE ECONOMY. We promise that everthing you give us will go towards frivolous expenditures... no money will be used to help homeless people or starving kids in Africa! We promise! There is no way in hell giving money to us will earn you any sort of charitable tax break!

What kind of question is that? You get to see pictures of us wasting your money - isn't that more than enough reason?

We love wasting your money!
Bob and Ben
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